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I am excited to share that my essay, “Hidden Mangoes In Plain Sight,” is now available in the summer issue of Midnight Circus, a seasonal literary magazine.

Grab your copy from Amazon (it’s only $5!) to check it out!

Here is a teaser:

Paati puts down the stainless steel davara, the tall saucer with a high lip, which accompanies her matching stainless steel tumbler of steaming hot coffee. I smile as I watch her gently pour her coffee into the davara and then back again into the tumbler. She does this a few times, in the customary South Indian way of cooling down piping hot beverages.

I’ve seen street vendors in Chennai do the showy version of this, in which they pour the coffee into the davara from about a foot above and repeat by pouring it back in the tumbler a few seconds later from the same height. The milky brown liquid crashes into the davara, a small waterfall of caffeine, gathering more and more froth with each pour.

When Paati does this though, she is more deliberate and careful not to spill. In so many ways I see myself in her, but it’s in the little actions and gestures that I am reminded of the grace and poise with which she carries herself, that I can only hope to attain some day. Paati has always been my favorite person in the world, since I was a little kid.

I hope you enjoy this essay about home, family, and discovering new truths.