This is great–just read about this in an article on incentives for teacher quality improvement in developing countries:

A nongovernmental organization (NGO) project in India used a simple financial incentive program to reduce teacher absenteeism and to stimulate teaching and better learning. The NGO initiated the program in 60 informal one-teacher schools in rural India… Teachers were given a camera with a tamper-proof date and time function, along with instructions to have one of the children photograph the teacher and other students at the beginning and end of the school day. The time and date stamps on the photographs were used to track teacher attendance. Salary was a direct function of attendance.

It goes on to discuss the effectiveness of this program and it worked quite well! In the comparison schools that didn’t run this program, teacher absenteeism averaged 42%. In schools that did institute this program, the rate was 22%. This program also improved student achievement–a year after this program was put in place, the test scores of students in these programs were higher than those in the comparison schools.

Creative and innovative use of technology to solve an educational problem–love this.


Vegas, Emiliana. 2007. “Teacher Labor Markets in Developing Countries.” The Future of Children, 17(1):219-232.