What’s been on my mind:

  • early college high schools–for my internship, I’m doing a ton of research about ECHs that aim to specialize in IT career preparation. It’s been fascinating and I’m really enjoying learning more about how ECHs work and also about the community college system in the US. I will post about this in depth in the coming weeks, for sure.
  • coherence of vision and values in ed-tech implementation–this theme seems to be cropping up over and over again across my classes. Basically, it’s just insane how incredibly important it is for there to be an overarching infrastructure that supports any kind of ed-tech intervention/integration–it may seem obvious, but if so, why is it that we see so little coherence of vision in ed-tech ventures anywhere around the world? Especially in international contexts, it’s even more apparent that the places that have managed to successfully include 21st century skills and digital literacy development are the ones that actively built up an infrastructure for technology in education.

What I’ve been reading recently:

  • “Brain Rules” by John Medina–read it a couple summers ago and loved it and it’s also among our optional readings for my ed-neuro class this semester. Makes some great arguments about how to connect learnings from neuroscience to education and the workplace in practice.
  • “Finnish Lessons: What the World Can Learn from Educational Change in Finland” by Pasi Sahlberg–Finland’s education system is perhaps the best in the world and for good reason. Been fascinating to learn about the structural and cultural changes they’ve undergone over the last fifty years to get to where they are now.
  • “Unspoken” by Sarah Rees Brennan–young adult fantasy lit at its best. So unbelievably good and a wonderful break from my otherwise non-fiction reading list. :)

What I’m listening to these days: