This city is just a hub for fascinating free events!

Just signed up for a one-day workshop at the MIT Media Lab called StoryHackBoston. All I know is that it’s an event that’ll “bring together technologists and storytellers” as we learn from and with each other.

I also discovered last weekend that Dunkin Donuts was sponsoring a completely free open-air concert (MixFest 2012) by the Charles River featuring Adam Grammar, Gavin Degraw, and Train. And so obviously I had to go and it was fantastic–I got to see Train perform live for free!

Other events and things I’m excited for include several talks at the Harvard Kennedy School and MIT, free student-only events at the Boston Museum of Science, the Harvard-Yale football game (okay, not free but certainly exciting) and book talks at the Harvard Bookstore with authors like Jonathan Kozol, who’s written extensively about inequality within the US educational system, and whose work I thoroughly enjoyed reading through undergrad.