Secured a fall semester internship! Hurrah!

One of the great things about the TIE program is that they encourage us to pursue internships alongside our academics to further help us see the connections between theory and practice. So, it counts as one of my graduation requirements… which also means that it’s the equivalent of a class on its own, time commitment and engagement wise.

Right now I’m then registered for five classes–four in-class classes and the internship. I might end up dropping one of the academic classes (we’re allowed to add/drop as we please until 8/21) if I find that it’s becoming hard to manage, but I’ll take it as it comes.

The fourth class I added is another Ed school class, actually: AT-113 Examining Educational Effectiveness. Decided against the MIT/HKS classes because while they sounded great, I want to focus on my priorities and what I want to get out of this one year. Plus, I always have next semester if I desperately want to cross-register. :P

AT-113 looks at the achievement gap and educational inequality and comes at it from a research-oriented and statistics-based perspective. Essentially trying to answer the question of why is it that some students achieve great things while others are lost in the system? To what extent do family influences, schools as institutions, individual differences, and teachers’ instruction play a role? I’m quite excited because that basically is at the core of why I’m here.

As far as the internship, I’ll be working at Jobs for the Future, an organization that “develops policy solutions and new pathways leading from college readiness to career advancement for struggling and low-income populations in America.” Specifically, I’ll be looking at IT curriculum mapping and researching the pathways that at-risk students can take from high school onwards to pursue careers in technology.

Looking forward to getting started on both. :)