This post has very little to do with education or tech, but it was awesome and one of the reasons why I’m loving being here.

So, tonight I went to this fantastic talk on the science of cooking. It’s a public lecture seriesthat’s also a component of an undergrad engineering class and they’re bringing in all these world class chefs to talk and demo the chemistry behind cooking. Today they made dragon’s hair candy, did some cool stuff with eggs, did some demos with gels and agar-agar, and made this funky green cocktail and ice cream using liquid nitrogen! Later in the semester, they’re bringing in a chocolatier and the head pastry chef from the White House, among other people.

I love that I can go to random talks and events like this! There are also so many other free talks and events at the Kennedy School and MIT Media Lab that are going on that just going to all these talks would be the equivalent of a sixth class! Having too many great events to choose from is a good problem to have though. :)