I’m here! In Cambridge! Arrived Tuesday afternoon after exhausting travel and moved into my apartment. Spent most of Wednesday running around doing errands (grocery shopping, picking up miscellaneous apartment items, dropping off immigration documents at the HIO) but ended up having a fabulous evening, surprisingly.

Thanks to Facebook, our HGSE class of ’13 has been quite connected since we were all admitted. In the last few weeks, those who have reached Cambridge already have posted “wanna grab lunch/dinner/coffee?” and have been meeting up with others in the area before orientation. So, last night, about 10 of us from the TIE program met up for dinner at a pizza place in Davis Square and then migrated to Central Square to meet a larger group of HGSE-ers at a bar called The Phoenix Landing.

Had a really wonderful night meeting and talking to all these friendly and really nice people–while I may have been kinda terrified about meeting so many new people and doing the whole new friends thing again, last night’s encounter has inspired me with confidence. People here really ARE that nice and everyone is so interesting and come from such varied professional backgrounds.

One of my favorite moments was getting into an intense conversation with two TIE folks about improving online distance learning and how we’re going to change the world over watermelon ale–this seems like a good sign for the year to come!

I’m so excited to be here with people who are just as passionate as I am about this field and I can’t WAIT to get started!

My apartment–Peabody Terrace, a graduate student apartment complex managed by Harvard Real Estate Services.