Thanks to a combination of Facebook and [plans] (a Grinnell social network/blog thing) stalking, I discovered the other day that there are not one or two but FOUR other grinnellians in the HGSE master’s program class of 2013. Two are from the class of ’05, two from the class of ’10 and one of the ’05 grads is in my TIE program too! Small world! :)

Messaged them on [plans] and will be setting up a grinnellians-at-HGSE meet up sometime in the next month. While I am nervous about making friends and settling in to the new social setting in Cambridge, it’s nice to know that there are places I can turn to find a semblance of familiarity, amidst everything else new that’ll be coming my way. So yay for the Grinnell alumni network and for getting to experience the power of cool grinnellian connections so soon!

Oh! I’ve also gotten in touch with the director of the Boston Village Gamelan and should be joining them sometime this fall too. I honestly never thought gamelan would be the one constant in my life over these last several years, but I’m glad it has been–I loved the gamelan community in Grinnell and I’ve heard good things about the BVG too. Next step to building myself social groups in Cambridge: get involved in the swing dance scene!