One of the great things about the TIE* program at HGSE** is that they really encourage students to make those connections between theory and practice clear–particularly, through a TIE-focused internship.

Of my five required TIE classes this year, one of them can be (and most definitely will be) an internship related to educational technology. As a 22-year old with zero years of full time work experience, about to compete for jobs with those with several more years of “real life” under their belt, I find this opportunity incredibly appealing. Also, it’ll give me a better taste of what kind of roles I’d both be good at and enjoy.

So, as I’ve been searching for a fall semester internship (contemplating doing one in the spring as well, but for now a fall one for sure), I’ve come across a lot of organizations that are doing great work in this field. The hard part has been in figuring out what I want from my internship experience and narrowing which places and positions will help me best achieve those goals.

For now, here’s where I’m at: I want to gain experience with curriculum design, mentoring, and organizing/coordinating a program that helps students realize and take steps towards achieving their dreams. Okay, maybe that last bit is more of an overarching career goal, but who says I can’t gain some experience in that arena this year itself? At least with this framework in mind, I can figure out where to start looking.

My next step then, is to apply to places that will help me fill in these gaps in my experience so far. The shortlist currently includes the following: Boston Museum of Science, One Laptop Per Child, Center for Applied Special Technology, Sesame Workshop, and Citizen Schools.

More later!


I know, unfamiliar acronyms can be annoying, so here’s a quick reminder:

*TIE: Technology, Innovation and Education, ie. my program this year

**HGSE: the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Funnily enough, “HGSE” is pronounced “hugsie.” I kinda like it. :)


Side note: I want to treat this blog as multipurposeful. 1) To chronicle my goals, experiences, and musings over the year, for myself and for any family/friends interested 2) To share snippets of student life at HGSE for any prospective students (I know I greatly benefitted from student blogs I read last year).